How to make the fire chemically, potassium permanganate KMnO4

(translated by machine)

The question how to survive, not only survive in the wild, but also the survival of the broken down and abandoned city or to rubbish dump. There is no reason to reject things that directly offer such as make the fire.

Maybe, You meet somewhere potassium permanganate, chemical formula KMnO4. It is a substance with strong oxidation properties. For the health of KMnO4 solutions is used for disinfection of foods such as meat or raw vegetables in risk areas. If you have a permanganate, you can kill some flies with one stone. In the solid state will help make the fire or to construct some fun or destructive fireworks and dissolved in water to disinfect drinking water, food and possibly injury.

Potassium permanganate can be found in first-aid kit box, in a pharmacy, in some drugstores and chemical plants. They are shiny metallic black crystals, which readily dissolve in water and dyed it faintly pink (disinfected water to drink), strong pink (to disinfect wounds) to black and violet (the fungi treatment).



Because I know that is permanganate oxidizer (just look, there are four oxygens) and it is used in pyrotechnic, I thought it mixed with something, do something that hit a fire and flame. Tried to mix with wooden filings (abrasive powder), sugar and flour. I mix approximately equal portion of both substances. I can experiment later. Wrapped in paper, put the piece of concrete and another piece of concrete into the hit.

Around the fifth hit I hit the right combination of permanganate and sawdust and are on the move and the paper is burned with flame. Success.


A little less success demonstrated by the combination of sugar, the burned without flame but with smoke.


Mixture with flour is not flame. Either get a small wound, or has been poorly concocted, or simply not working.

For the sake of completeness add that even a mixture of potassium permanganate with aluminum dust, the ratio of both substances may be an explosive, so be careful to fingers and eyes. We want to survive and not to cripple or kill.

Remember that fire is a good servant and a bad master and permanganate children not in your hand, as well as matches. Permanganate to the stains from clothing can be removed using acetic acid. Brown spots on the skin not be afraid, will disappear in a few days.

Fire luck, next time we try again otherwise …

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