Mental causes of diseases

What would you say that all diseases (and injuries) have a mental cause? That disease is the message: “You’re doing something wrong …”

Choose a disease, symptom or body part and see what say conventional and alternative medicine and what is recommended by various authors. From these authors I recommend School of health (Pages are in Czech language).

acne allergy

Allergy – description and symptoms

An allergy is a hypersensitive state of the organism to a specific substance (pollen, dust, feathers, fur animals, drugs). Contact with this substance cause unpredictable reactions of the immune system (edema, bronchoconstriction, vascular dysfunction, mucus production, destruction of cells). An allergy includes asthma, eczema, hives, hay fever.

Allergy – conventional medicine

Manifestations of allergy is possible to suppress certain medications (antihistamines, calcium, corticosteroids). Another option is a gradual desensitization.

Allergy – mental causes of disease

Allergies occur in children who are haunting.

Allergy to dust – anxiety of mothers: Wash your hands, You touched on something … child is afraid to breathe. The dust is here, so we were not lazy. Dust is a friend, helps us to love tidiness.

Allergies to pollen. Flowers are the most beautiful phenomena of nature. Flower by its aroma and pollen invite us to come and feel smell. Go to the nature and enjoy the flowers.

Translated from the source: Avenna – Proč jsou nemocné děti?, nahrávka

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