Mental causes of diseases

What would you say that all diseases (and injuries) have a mental cause? That disease is the message: “You’re doing something wrong …”

Choose a disease, symptom or body part and see what say conventional and alternative medicine and what is recommended by various authors. From these authors I recommend School of health (Pages are in Czech language).

acne allergy

Acne – natural and alternative medicine

Acne depends mainly on diet, on renal function and the supply of zinc and vitamin A. Procedures: general diet, as specified for the treatment of renal function (less salt, spices, protein), kidney tea, zinc and vitamin A, body acupuncture, ear acupuncture.

Translated from the source: Jiří Janča – Alternativní medicína

Acne is a disease of internal origin (kidneys). It is treated by external means. It helps to use zinc, vitamin A, kidney tea, ointment or tincture of Aloe vera or Aloe arborescence, cabbage or lettuce leaves wrinkle and attach to the skin, complex renal therapy, reflexology – squeezing universal points “C” and “Br”.

Translated from the source: Jiří Janča – První pomoc alternativní medicínou

Acne – mental causes of disease

Skin acts as a protection, the need to defend themselves. Acne is disease – alert. You are comparing to the other teens in the wrong place (look). You have unjustified feeling that you’re uglier.

(Notes from lectures Why are skin diseases and what to do …)

Translated from the source: Avenna – Škola zdraví

Dermatological problems are problems of contact. This may mean that we do not want to take anything from the outside. But also, it is not out of it what they wanted out. Acne shows that man is not aligned with their emotions and that it suppresses. Do not stop your feelings and express them without restraint, then you will not accumulate in anything you have not mastered it and are not looking for a way out of your skin.

Translated from the source: Kurt Tepperwein – Jsem z tebe nemocný

A young man realizes his body, very often erroneously and unnecessarily compares with others. Sometimes they feel inferior and instead of (mental) purity he is longing for devious pleasure of their peers, which are often exaggerated, or in fact ever happened.

Translated from the source: Miroslav Hrabica – Co nám tělo říká aneb po stopách nemocí

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